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More Cat's New Years Resolutions


I will not bring the city police to the front door by stepping
on the speaker phone button and then the automatic 911 dial

I will not speed dial the overseas numbers.

I will not walk on the keyboard when my human is writing
important emiognaioerp ga3qi4 taija3tgv aa35 a.

Any critter that lives in the house (hamsters), stay in the
house and any wild critters (frogs and earthworms) stay outside.
I am not allowed to set the hamster free in exchange for
finding a frog to put in the fish tank.

I will not stalk the deer in the apple orchard next door.
They have sharp hooves and could hurt me if they weren't
laughing so hard.

I will not watch the guinea pig constantly as the guinea pig
likes to sleep once in a while.

The goldfish likes living in water and should be allowed to
remain in its bowl.

I will not put a live mole in my food bowl and expect it to
stay there until I get hungry.

I will not eat spider plants and hallucinate behind the

I will not drag the magnets (and the papers they are holding
up) off of the refrigerator and then bat them underneath it
so that they adhere to the underside.

I will learn to relax at the vet's office so they will start
writing things in my records like "Good Kitty" and "Sweet Kitty"
instead of the stuff that's there now like "MEAN!!" "BITER!!!"
and "GET HELP!!!!!"

I will not be miffed at my human all day and then kiss her on
the nose at 2:00 a.m. to tell her that she is forgiven and can
now pet me.

I will not scratch the children of lawyers, no matter how much
they chase me or how hard they pull my tail.

If I MUST claw my human, I will not do it in such a fashion that
the scars resemble a botched suicide attempt.

If I must give a present to my human's overnight guests, my toy
mouse is much more socially acceptable than a big live cockroach,
even if it isn't as tasty.

I will not soak my catnip toy in the water bowl to make tea. I
will not get high and sit there drinking my tea and kneading the
floor afterwards. I will not then get delusions of grandeur and
make tea in the toilet bowl or the tub. And I will not try to
make tea with used socks, dirty panties or hair scrunches when
my humans take the catnip toy away from me.

A warm pepperoni pizza is not a good place for a nap.




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