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    Deb's page

    As may be obvious by looking at my page, I prefer a "down home" country (as long as it's not overly-cute, in my opinion) style of decorating, so I wanted a page that was strictly my own on our family website. I was fortunate to find some graphics pages whose artist's work fits that style, and they are acknowledged later on this page. 

    One very fun and important part of my life is having the privilege of singing at St. Maria Goretti Church with a song group. The group was formed in October of 1996, and we have sung at least twice a month at Sunday Mass since then, as well as on various special occasions. Our group's make up has changed over the years. I did have pictures of our group on this page, but I don't have any pictures of our current group, so I've removed them for now. 


    Other things that bring joy to my life (in addition to my family and friends) include my music (c.d. and tape) collection, which is very large and inclusive because I enjoy so many types of music. I love putting together sampler tapes of various kinds of music for special occasions.
    I also have a huge rubber stamp collection, and enjoy making wrapping paper, cards, stationery, note pads, and gifts with my rubber stamps, paper, and card stock.
    Working and playing on my computer is also great fun, and I particularly enjoy keeping in touch with my parents and all of my brothers and sisters, as they all have e-mail addresses. I also send out daily jokes found on the net to my "joke list" members.


    Okay, you're saying-- what is this all about? Well, I promised myself if I had my own home page, this picture of the famous Little Debbie would be on it! It looks so much like my own kindergarten picture that my family and I always marveled at the resemblance! That's all-- so now it's on my page and I'm happy!

And now for a picture of the guy responsible for a great deal of my happiness and the Reale kiddos' happiness too--Jay Reale. (He normally wears contacts, but I caught him with this big smile on his face Christmas morning before he put his contacts in...)

Click on picture for larger view.

    I'll add to this page, but will close for now, including links to my graphics sources.

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