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By James A. Kisner a.k.a.


Staring at her gravestone,
At the break of day,
On my weekly visit,
Since she passed away.

Glimmers of first sunlight,
Chase away the dark,
As the brilliant shades of light,
Brightens up the park.

Every moming's different,
As the seasons come and go.
Wintertime will find me standing,
In the winter snow.
In winter's chill you realize,
That death is dark and cold,
And it may visit anytime,
To young, not only old.
In fall it makes you realize,
Beneath the autumn moon,
We reach the autumn of our life,
In years it seems too soon.

Standing here in summertime,
The cool breeze whisking past,
Realizing as in life,
Summer goes too fast.

But the springtime here is different,
And here on Easter Day,
I always take some extra time,
To bow my head and pray.


On Easter morn the sun appears,
Brighter than before.
It seems as if God, in His glory,
Opened Heaven's door.

The brightness of the Easter mom,
Glowing all around,
Makes us realize our loved ones,
Are not in this ground.

This is just an earthly place,
Where we come to pray.
This is just a temporary place,
Where loved ones lay.
Easter makes me realize,
Her death was not the end,
Because He was the first to rise,
It's how we enter in.
So on this brilliant Easter morn,
As earth begins anew,
I take the time to focus,
And to bring all things in view.

I know one day I'll see Him,
Face to face with Him I'll be,
Because of Easter morning,
Jesus died to set me free.

I will look upon His face,
And praise Him for my life,
And I know she will be with Him,
My faithful, loving wife.

Many thanks to Poppy for permitting us to post his poem here!

Disclaimer: James A. (PoppyK1) Kisner's poems are copyrighted by Fleeting Moments Publishing and may not be reproduced without permission. All copies of his poems MUST include these credits.

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