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(The 2002 Christmas letter was posted 12/27/2002, replacing our 2001 letter link.)


Reale Family "Statistics" 

Family Photos page  

A Bit About Our Relatives and Friends

More Family Photos

Deb and Jay's Jobs 

You guessed it--even more photos! (friends)

The Always Begged-For...

Madame Patricia's '98 and '99 Predictions




Reale, et al 2000 Calendar

Reale, et al 1999 Calendar

Patty's Wonderful Humor Site, featuring her very own Musings!


Added Summer 2000, and accessible from Milestones and Memories Link, above... 

Wes and Krista's Wedding

Mountain Memories

Tim Turns 40!!

Added September 2000...

An Unconventional Wedding Toast for Wes and Krista

Also use the Memories and Milestones link to see...

Jeanna's 15th Birthday Celebration (Added 9/4/2000)

More Fun Stuff!

Thanksgiving 2000 at the Smiths'! 

(Can be reached from the Milestones and Memories Page)  

Lauren's First Communion, May 2001

(pictures posted on Tim and Megan's site)

July 2001 Joe's Championship Baseball Game



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