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'Twas the Month Before Christmas...

By Patricia Eggertsson, Copyright 1999


‘Twas the month before Christmas and all through the house,
Christmas carols were blasting, to the dismay of my spouse
“No more Barbra Streisand! Turn off Mannheim Steamroller!”
“Just while I wrap gifts, Dear. Pass the ‘Barbie Dream Bowler’."


The stockings were piled by the sewing machine.
This year they’d be sewn up, not just pinned at the seams.
The children were nestled in front of the television,
Watching a new Christmas special on Nickelodeon.


My husband, who is patient, and I, who am not,
Were untangling thousands of Christmas lights all balled up in a clot.
When out in the living room there arose such a clatter
We sprang to our feet to see what was the matter.


There at the computer sat my girlfriend Darlene
Perplexed and astonished by the words on the screen
“It can’t be! No way! Not on!
Oh, please say they can’t be all out of Pokemon!”


I looked at my husband, we both rolled our eyes
“A run on Pokemon, gee, there’s a surprise!
Last year it was Furbys,  Beanie Babies too,
If only we could invent the next big toy to-do!”


And then with a kiss, we tucked in our clan
A full night of sleep was our fervent plan.
We were both sound asleep by the time we hit the bed,
While visions of Christmas chores danced in our heads.


Gingerbread characters starred in my dreams
Under hot spotlights of bright red and green.
While Bing Crosby sang of Christmas so white
And we finally untangled those darn Christmas lights!


Shopping lists and fruitcakes, ribbons and bows
TV guide highlights of all Christmas shows
Boxes and wrapping paper up to my knees
And a Nativity set made entirely of cheese!

I guess this is Christmas, or so it would seem
That anything more is just a pipe dream.
But greater is God than every great thing:
He sent us His Son, to become our Holy King.


A towering of Angels welcomed the baby boy
Brought forth in a manger, amidst sorrow and joy
For Mary, His Mother, knew what would become
Of Her precious Boy Child, the Lord’s only Son.


Shepherds upon the scene did gaze
And homage to the Child they paid
While Wise men humbled at the sight
Of the Son of God that holy night.


Two thousand years have passed since then,
Would we know Him now, as they did back when
A star so bright shone in the sky
Announcing “The Son of God is nigh!”


Beneath the paper, the ribbons and bows
I do believe we all really know
That the season celebrates the birth
Of Christ the King, Lord of Earth.


So while you deck the halls tonight,
Be joyous and do not lose sight
Of this great gift God gives his children
Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men.


Written by Patricia Eggertsson, posted with permission. Any feedback?

    Copyright 1999

    Many thanks to the author of this piece, who allowed us to share it with you via the Reale site. The work is copyright protected, and may not be used without the writer's permission.

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