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Humorous Seasonal Pages

Fall and Winter || Spring and Summer

Fall and Winter

Reserved School Shopping Daze! :-) by Patricia Eggertsson Halloween "Horror" Story * by Patricia Eggertsson
Thanksgiving Without Martha 'Twas the Month Before Christmas *
by Patricia Eggertsson
A Mom's Letter to Santa  

by Debbie Farmer

  Reserved Jesus and the Elves

If I Were Ol' Santa (great gifts I'd bring aging women :-)


Martha's Christmas Letter to Erma, and Erma's Reply :-)

Santa Is a Woman!


Top 10 Uses for That Holiday Fruitcake
New Years Resolutions (Dave Barry)
Redneck Love Poem :-) (The perfik valuntine?) More good stuff to come!


Spring and Summer


More to come More to come St. Patrick's Day Quiz :-)
Easter Bunny Wisdom :-) Mother's Day/Father's Day/Parenting Humor Barbecuing A la Male
9 Things Dad Will Never Say More to come Top Ten Ways to Increase Church Attendance Over the Summer :-)

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