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Happy Holidays 1999,
from the Smith Family!

As you can see by our Christmas card picture (at the bottom of this page), our children have changed some since last year.

Lauren will turn 7 a few days after Christmas.  She is in first grade and
loves school.  She has learned how to read and really enjoys chapter books
this year.  She played soccer in the spring and fall and also joined a
Brownie troop.

Caitlin underwent heart surgery in July, and we’re happy to say, it was
quite successful!
She began kindergarten in the fall and turned 5 on the first day of school.
 She really enjoys taking a bus to school, her teacher, her new friends,
and seeing her big sister in the school hallways. Caitlin is in her second
year of ballet and joined Indian Princesses with Lauren and their Dad.

Ryan turned 3 a few days before Thanksgiving.  He is as energetic as ever.
He loves Thomas the Tank and knows the names of all his train friends.  He
also loves Blue’s Clues and went to see Blue’s Clues Live at the Palace
Theater.  Ryan loves anything on wheels .

Allison has changed the most in the past year.  She celebrated her first
birthday in May.  She has learned to crawl, walk, run, climb, and say a few
words since last Christmas.  Allie is as sweet and cheerful as ever!

Tim and Megan haven’t changed as much as their children.  Tim keeps busy at work and home.  Recently he took Lauren and Caiti camping with their Indian Princess tribe.  It rained most of the weekend, but they still had a great
time.  Megan keeps busy organizing the schedules of 4 children.  Her
teaching skills are still put to good use helping with spelling tests,
reading, and math worksheets.  Megan is also spending more time in Toledo
lately with the birth of a nephew, Riley Ralph, to her sister, Mary.

For more pictures throughout the year, please visit the Smith Family Web
Site at

Have a great holiday, and we hope the next century is a good one for you
and yours!


This page was posted on our site on 1/2/2000.

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