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The Reale Report... Christmas 2001


It’s that time again, folks, and we look forward to hearing from and about you and your family, and learning what’s happened in your life since we were last in touch. If you didn’t have email last year, but do now, please be sure to be in touch with us to share your address and/or a holiday note.


All is well at Rancho Reale, with the usual mixture of change as well as status quo stuff to report. The year 2001 might be described as a “year of new beginnings” for us, and I’ll clue you in on those changes and other events via this note.


Kid Stats:


Jeanna’s 16, a sophomore, and a licensed driver! (Be still, my heart! Actually, she’s good at it… just have to give her grief since she’s a newbie!) Another new activity in her life this year: being a member of the Chatard High School Swim Team. She’s enjoying it, and is in the best shape ever due to all the hard work. When not out socializing with friends from school, she’s (you guessed it) on the phone socializing with them, or studying… her second choice, but she actually is conscientious and her teachers remark on her effort. Now if that same effort were directed into cleaning her room, we’d be all set! Stay tuned next year for news on her adventures as an employed person (we hope J) who can depend on more than the occasional sitting job for income, and maybe some fringe benefits as well!


Joe is 11 (and  a half J) and entered the world of middle school this year as a 6th grader. Both he and Jeanna are doing great in school, and we’re proud of both of them. Another first for Joe (he gave up being called Joseph sometime last year) is playing the trumpet in the school band. He’s still at St. Maria Goretti, and played his second season on the football team this fall. He played strong safety and two back, and enjoyed every minute of it. He also played baseball again last spring (still his all time favorite sport) and his team won the championship. He was in heaven about being on a championship team two years in a row. Even if it hadn’t gone that way, the guys worked well together, and it was fun to watch them grow during the course of the season.


Jay’s “new beginnings” (I promised to update you on those) include starting up his own business, and he’s in the beginning stages of that, having purchased some new equipment and “set up shop”. His office is based in our home, and is called Reale Design-Build. He’s doing what he’s been doing for years, but on his own. His partner had bypass surgery in May, and did not recover. Jay finished all the projects they’d been working on, and is just now in a position to start new ones as head of the new company. Things are looking good. (Prayers are still welcomed—always!) This is an exciting time for him. We both love it that when Joe gets home from school now, someone is there. More new beginnings will be in store for our household, as we need to do some house renovation, especially with Jay’s office being added (for now, it’s in the basement).


Deb: My new beginning involves Jeanna too. She and I were inspired last spring to get healthy and get fit… In late April we talked to someone at church who had clearly made some lifestyle changes and was looking great. She told us about Weight Watchers, and we began the program the last weekend in April. We started making some positive changes regarding what we ate, in what amount, and in activity levels, and at this point each of us has lost about 36 lbs. It’s been great doing this with another family member, and Jay and Joe have been very supportive. We’re learning a lot, have met some wonderful people, and are really pleased with this “new beginning”! We continue to exercise and have made it through Halloween and Thanksgiving making healthy choices. I’ve reached my Weight Watchers’ goal and have maintained the goal weight, so am now a “lifetime member”. Jeanna isn’t far behind. Just because I needed something else to do (right!), I’m also working part time for Weight Watchers now. They’re very busy, and needed help, so… there you go! It’s fun, actually, and I like being involved with the company and being able to help others on the program. Since employees have to be weighed monthly and stay within 2 lbs. of goal weight, working for them also keeps you honest! Here’s to healthy changes! I feel like I’ve regained my youth and energy! Also on the “changing front”, I’ve moved administrative offices twice since June, and am in a new office in the brand new administrative wing of St. Monica School.


Other family members’ milestones and beginnings this year include freshman year of college (Dan, my sister Patty and her husband Guy’s son, became a student at Frankin and Marshall in Lancaster, Pa this fall); a relocation (My sister Ann’s husband Don has a new job in Connecticut, and Ann and son Rob will join him at the end of this school year); and an anticipated addition to (brother) Tim and Megan’s family next May (and baby will make 5—7 if you count the parents!). Nephew Geoff began driving this year… where does the time go?


I realize that our new beginnings pale in comparison to those that so many have had to face (and not of their own choosing) since September 11th. We can only pray for strength, courage, wisdom, and God’s continued guidance for all whose lives have been changed in recent months. God bless us every one.


Still awake?? Must be the caffeine! We wish you a wonderful Christmas and much happiness in the coming year, friends! You’re in our thoughts and prayers. Please be in touch!


~ Deb, Jay, Jeanna, and Joe Reale




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