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Amy's 8th Grade Dance Pictures,

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Amy and Steven before the 8th grade dance...
June 4, 1999

                           Foreground: Amy, Angela, Brea, Missy,  and Jennifer
                            Background: Steven and and John
                            Picture taken in the Eggertsons' family room 6/4/99


    Amy, Angela, Missy, Jennifer, Brea, and John (Angela's escort)
    before the 8th grade dance

    Amy, Angela, Missy, Jennifer, and Brea in the family room.
    Oh, and look who snuck in there--Corey!
    Going to the dance, Corey??

    Amy, Brea, and Missy
    in the Eggertssons' front yard
    (Behind the scenes commentary:  Missy's hair got caught
    in the branches, and Amy's bracelet got caught in the
    back of Brea's hair! They about fell down laughing!)

    More Dance Pictures!

    Page created and posted 6/12/99 by Debbie Reale

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