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The ???th Annual Beech Mountain Extravaganza (AKA The Show)

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The audience watches as more surprises unfold in the 2000 Show...


Mimsy, Lucky, Stucky, and Muffett get to know each other and warm up the audience a bit... such pros!


Lucky and Stucky share their life story as the show's hosts and audience listen (and stare!!!) in awe. My, but you guys is handsome!


Mimsy is ever the trooper, acting as though everything is tinkety tonk, even in the midst of the amazing revelations of her two new "hill friends" and co-hosts, brothers Lucky and Stucky Haney! 

Oh my, oh my! Oy vey, even! Better talk amongst yourselves!


Very well, pardners! Let's carry on.  Just who among you should like to be an urban cowperson? (Translation: Our take on the game, "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?")


It seems as though the Queen Mum may have some interest!

Or is she sneaking a nap?

No, it appears she's awake and feisty!

I say there... click here  to see more of the 100 year old bag-- er --her highness, the Queen Mum, and scenes from the Mountain 2000 Show!


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